About us

The people of The Otherland Group

We are a small Berlin-based core team of experienced internet professionals with a track-record of more than 15 years in the business each. We believe that we can make a difference in making your world a smarter place. We bring together our different talents and competencies to transform some great ideas into an exciting reality.

Markus Breuer


Information scientist, morphed into business guy, serial entrepreneur, design enthusiast, information architect, visionary and technological truffle pig.

Sebastian Küpers


Inventor, serial entrepreneur, multi-talented developer, strategic planner and unconventional creative mind.

Amélie Prevoteau

Customer support specialist. Multilingual French. Often seen in Berlin, Paris and Silicon Valley tracking the latest user trends. Writing her thesis with Evernote and Context Booster.

Emanuele Rocca

Senior backend engineer. Proud member of the Debian project. Loves free and open-source software, green peas and UNIX systems. Hates cucumbers with all his italian energy.

Petra Raddatz

Digital wizard, warm-hearted perfectionist, master of communication design, relentless networker and marketing pro.


Stephan Noller

CEO of nugg.ad AG, Europe‘s leading predictive targeting network, online marketing expert, cookie lover, privacy advocate and psychologist with distinction.

Stephan Baumann

Ph.D. Head of the Competence Center Computational Culture (C4) at the German Research Center for AI in Kaiserslautern and Berlin, recommender obsessed, bits and bytes musician.