Our vision

Knowledge provided in the right context, where and when you need it

We envision a world in which our life will become much more inspired by unlocking the massive potential behind the data treasures available out there in the web.

It's simple: it's there

There are so many interesting data sources, services and publishers out there which offer structured or unstructured data. We envision a smarter world in which we connect the dots between all those different sources to yield the most value for you right in the context where you are.

It's about knowledge and accessibility

Indeed, there is information available in the web about nearly anything. Some people call this information overflow. Which is right. It seems impossible to utilize all the data, although it is just a click away.

We believe it is time to access this knowledge. We believe it is time to make this information available in a simple, convenient and intelligent way. We use technology that does some of the thinking for you. We organize web data and structure it for you, so that the most interesting information is right at your hands. We understand your context, and we deliver content.

Find out more about our technology OSIRIS Context Engine and our app Context Booster.

We are making your world a smarter place.